Gourmet Mobile

The Gourmet Mobile project is an offer that goes beyond the food but as a whole includes the spirit of Italian Technè, and consists of:

• Environmental Respect
• Sustainability
• Short chain
• Quality feeding
• Design

“Gourmet Mobile” aims to redevelop the offer of the classic Street Food with gourmand sandwiches made ​​exclusively with ingredients from Lombardy. A new way to present and promote the Lombardy region through food, while creating a direct marketing channel for farmers.

Gourmet Mobile represents a variation of the Milano Gourmet Experience format in the mode of street food, successfully used in 5 star luxury hotel in Milan at the events related to fashion and design. This is a first step towards the creation of genuine hospitality local outposts: a new sales channel for the agricultural sector by offering a quality sustainable model for the area.

At the Gourmet Mobile people can enjoy the 0-mile sandwiches “Excellence Lombard” made ​​exclusively with local quality certified ingredients and under the supervision of Maestro Martino Association.

To support the initiative were involved some of the most important chefs who work in Lombardy region that have joined the project with enthusiasm . Thanks to their recipes has been created by the Lombardy Region – Department of Agriculture , an ad hoc publication that tells the territory through 11 recipes for 0-mile sandwiches.

The chefs who have joined the Gourmet Mobile project are: Gianni Bolzoni (Trattoria del Fulmine – CR); Roberto Tonola (Lanterna Verde – SO); Mauro Elli (Il Cantuccio – CO); Enrico Gerli (Il Castagno – PV); Giancarlo Morelli (Pomiroeu by Giancarlo Morelli – MB); Matteo Pisciotta (Luce Restaurant – VA); Theo Penati (Ristorante Pierino Penati – LC); Massimo Fezzardi ( Restaurant Esplanade – BS); Fabiana Ferri (Osteria da Pietro – MN); Fabio Triacchini (Osteria del Melograno – CR); Roberto and Enrico Cerea (Da Vittorio – BG).

The publication will be available for free at the Gourmet Mobile.